Estate Planning For Women
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Estate planning for women

Privately hosted estate planning presentations for women


What is this all about?

Estate planning is making sure you have a plan in place for you and your family if you can’t be here or are one day unable to do all of the things you wake up and do every day.  Everyone needs one!

As a partner of an estate planning law firm, I’ve helped hundreds of families set up estate plans and execute them when a loved one passes.  Since women outlive men, there's no denying they are uniquely impacted when a plan is poorly designed, or worse - when there is no plan.  Estate Planning for Women is an educational initiative designed to teach women more about estate planning and to get them engaged in the process.

My mission is to educate women in a comfortable, casual setting.  The presentations are ideal for a group of 8-10 women and anyone can host a presentation.  They are often in a local bar or restaurant but can also be hosted in the comfort of your own home.  Attendees enjoy a glass of wine, engage in dynamic conservation, have the freedom to ask questions and walk away empowered with a wealth of estate planning knowledge.  

Get in touch to discuss hosting an event, or head to the contact page to enquire about more information.


Areas of Focus

Women as caretakers

For those in the sandwich generation, planning goes beyond children. Women need to know when to consult an estate planner for their parents. Some of the issues to consider are things like long-term care planning – how do parents intend to pay for care?  Is there a better way to maximize resources?

widow or divorcée new to planning

Understand existing terms of your estate plan. Who is in charge of your estate plan when one spouse passes?  When both pass? Are their limitations inside your plan when one spouse dies?


protecting my children's inheritance

Women are caretakers by nature, but beyond the selection of a guardian, generally are unaware of opportunities within their estate plan to protect their children's inheritance.